Dear Ones,

This series of blogs has now become “The Love Project.”  God is speaking to my spirit that He has so much He wants us to learn on the topic of His love.  This week the Lord has been sharing so much with my heart about His love that it is hard to know where to begin.  He is writing volumes in my heart.

So, let’s start with this one simple fact.  Believing the love of God for us is the only way to eradicate fear in our lives.  Why is it so important to eradicate fear?  It is vital to do so because “Faith works by love” (Galatians 5:6).

What does that mean?  Well, let’s start with the Scripture “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love” (1 John 4:18).  You see, when we understand the perfect love of God for us, we can walk forward with no fear.  The King James says “fear has torment.”  When we are tormented by the fears of life, we are bound in shackles by the fear gripping our spirits, and this makes us unable to believe the love God has for us.  We run in protective mode instead of blessing mode.  Because we focus on our fears instead of God’s love for us, we fail to believe in His ability to care for us.

When people become fearful, they do things they would not otherwise do and believe things they would not otherwise believe.  They worry about things and focus on the negative instead of focusing on God’s goodness for them.  Worry has torment.  It can cause oppression, depression, anxiety of all sorts, and even physical ailments.  People who fear believe others are out to do them harm, that they have to watch out for “Number One” because no one else is there to watch out for them.  They believe they have to protect and strive after their own interests.  They become very self-driven, selfish, and self-seeking.  Many become paranoid that others are out to get them.  These feelings will never get us anywhere good, and they will never further the kingdom of God in our lives.  God is not about self, but about blessing.  He is not about fear, but faith.  When we fear and operate in modes of worry and self-preservation and protection, we make decisions counter to God’s character, and we stop the flow of blessing coming into our lives, because God cannot honor anything counter to His character.  He can extend us mercy and forgiveness, show us His patience and love, and that will redirect our hearts so that we can see His love and make changes in our lives – and He is always faithful to do that if we let Him, but we have to let Him by breaking the fear habit and developing the faith habit.

As we have discussed in prior weeks, fear keeps us from believing in God’s unconditional love for us.  On the other hand, when we know and believe in the love God has for us, we step out in trust, in faith.  We put down our guard.  We stop operating in protective mode.  We stop looking at the world from a “me-me” viewpoint and start looking at the world through His eyes of love.  His love shed abroad in our hearts delivers faith every time.  Remember “Faith works by love,” and with faith we can step forth to see His Word and His will come to pass in our lives every time, in every season, through every difficulty.
So, if there is something you are standing for and you haven’t seen its manifestation in your life yet, focus on His love for you.  His love for you is a perfect guarantee of things to come, of His will coming to pass in your life – His healing, His protection, His restoration of anything missing or broken.

His love gives us the ability to fear not and believe only,

Lisa Marie

If you have never made Jesus the Lord of your life and desire to, pray this:  Dear God, I believe that Jesus is your Son, that He died on the cross for me and was resurrected for my redemption.  I choose to make Jesus the Lord of my life.  I thank you for forgiving me and for filling me with Your Holy Spirit.  I thank You that I am Your child, that You are my Father, and that You have great things planned for me.  Amen.