Measuring (meditating and studying) The Word is a spiritual principle. Word therapy is taking the Word of God and measuring it on the inside of you. Jesus is saying, "You must keep the Word in your thought life and study it." One way to measure the Word is to keep it in your thoughts. Many times it is a persons thought life that works against them. You have to guard your thought life. People are measuring things in their thought life and they are getting exactly what they are measuring (studying and meditating upon).

If you measure fear in your thought life you're going to get fear. It will produce, because fear is a spiritual force that has power. If you measure fear in your thought life long enough, you will have a harvest of fear. If you measure sickness long enough in your thought life, that thing will overtake you. When you hear a doctors negative report, you must take a stand that you are going to believe God's report and measure God's Word, Giving no place to fear. If you will keep the Word in your thoughts and study it throughout the day, it will be measured back to you.

The mind of man is a great tool if you will harness it to the Spirit of God and bring it into subjection to God's Word. The mind that is not subjected to God's Word will drift and think of all types of things. Some people believe they can get away with thinking all kinds of thoughts – thoughts of divorce, sickness, adultery, fornication, or other sin. You keep measuring (studying and meditating upon) and the next thing you know, you are going to have those problems. Although other people do not "see" what is in your thoughts, as you meditate on wrong things, the devil will see to it that these thoughts grow and manifest in wrong decisions and actions. No one just "falls" in the sin. As you meditate on wrong thoughts, the devil will plot and scheme and scam and begin to work on the unseen. He will put that seed in your mind and as you nurture it, the sin will grow.