Pastor Lisa Marie Tihen

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I believe...

that the most important thing for each of us to understand is how much God loves us.  If we truly understand and receive God’s love for us, every fear will be rooted out of our lives.  Fear comes from feeling that we will not be taken care of in some area of our lives (emotionally, spiritually, or physically), so we must fight for ourselves.

The truth is that God has already fought for you, and He won the battle.  He sent Jesus Christ to suffer and die in order to let you know how very much He loves you.  Then Jesus descended into hell and defeated every enemy of God’s love.  Christ was resurrected into eternal victory so that each one of us could rest in the precious, limitless, unconditional love of God, in fellowship with Him forever! 

No matter what you have done or not done, God loves you!  Nothing you do or do not do will ever change that.  I hope you will join us at River City Church so that we can discover together the love of God for each of us – a love that never fails!  I invite you to discover God’s great love for you!